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Accreditation represents a department unique to the world of continuing professional education. It refers to the process of receiving approval for our programming within each profession, state, and market. The department is the lifeblood of Lawline's CLE courses as it focuses on receiving approval for our content across organizations nationwide and seeking new opportunities. If you are organized, conversational, enjoy responsibility, and are great at developing relationships, then accreditation may be right for you!

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We believe what separates Lawline from the rest is our unique customer service team. We fix problems and answer questions, but we do so while engaging our customers, learning from them, and developing relationships. Customers call in and leave with much more than an answer. After every conversation, we want the customer to think "WOW!" If you think you can deliver a "WOW" experience for each and every customer, then our Customer Support team wants to hear from you!

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Human Resources is not just any other department at Lawline. The main objective of our team is to hire for culture. Lawline often refers to its Human Resources department as the "Culture Crew" because it is their job to make sure the mission and values of Lawline are carried out.

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Lawline's management team has over 40 years of running businesses in the legal, education, and technology sectors. The company's great culture starts from here, where the management team is looking to create a culture of innovation, dedication, and life long learning!

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Marketing professionals at Lawline have a balance between vision and action. We emphasize extreme creativity, but also have the ability to bring that creativity to life. We brainstorm, plan, organize, and then roll up our sleeves and act! If you love to see the results of your efforts and aren't afraid to work hard and take risks, then marketing may just be for you!

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At Lawline, we produce the vast majority of our programs and content in our own state-of0the art studio. The department oversees each program from beginning to end. Truly, our production professionals see the results of their effort when each unique program is put live on our website for customers to view. The production department represents a dynamic and versatile group, and welcomes individuals who possess strong interactive and production skills along with a creative and opportunistic mind.

» View Lawline Production Opportunities's programming department is a team of licensed attorneys dedicated to monitoring the daily pulse of the legal industry. Programs are designed in conjunction with the top legal minds to produce quality, market-driven content. From our state-of-the art studio in the heart of NYC's financial district, programming attorneys work with top faculty to produce live and on-demand legal intelligence to attorneys and professionals nationwide.

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Sales Representatives at Lawline focus on developing business by prospecting, follow-up, and networking as well as maintaining an existing client base. Sales positions can range from new business acquisition to ad sales. The team actively works together to promote effective practices, and then utilizes those practices in action. The atmosphere is one of a kind and unique in today's business world. Our sales professionals love what they do and who they do it with. If you have a knack for selling and love being apart of a talented team, we'd love to hear from you!

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The development staff is the foundation of Lawline. We are always looking for candidates who can help take us to a higher level in terms of coding, testing, and project management. We are looking for leaders that want to change the industry and are not afraid to try new things.

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