Diversity & Inclusion

Lawline is dedicated to promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion within the legal community as well as within our own company, including but not limited to diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, or orientation. We believe that diverse backgrounds provide unique perspectives, resulting in innovation and excellence, and we are committed to identifying and recruiting talented lawyers from underrepresented groups to teach with us and team members to work with us.  


Our Programs team is a group of highly focused licensed attorneys dedicated to monitoring the pulse of the legal industry. Working closely with the Production team, the Programs team creates fantastic market-driven content. They source distinguished faculty nationwide to create top notch programming that resonates with solo practitioners and large multinational firms alike.


At Lawline, we produce the vast majority of our programs and content in our own state-of-the art studio. This department oversees each program from beginning to end. Truly, our Production professionals see the results of their effort when each unique program is put live on our website for customers to view. The Production department represents a dynamic and versatile group, and welcomes individuals who possess strong interactive and production skills along with a creative and opportunistic mind.


The Marketing team are the emissaries of our brand and the voice of our product. Utilizing a blend of fierce creativity and analytical prowess, they are idea generators armed with imagination and resourcefulness. They brainstorm, plan, organize, and implement all of Lawline’s email marketing, SEO, Adwords, and direct mail campaigns. 


The Lawline Leadership team focuses on guiding our company into the future. The Leadership Team focuses on creating a company for professionals to grow, care, create, act, and play. A company where the principals of thoughtful leadership are ingrained company wide.

Business Operations

The central component to any company is the culture. At Lawline, the Business Operations team serves as the company's “Cultural Ambassadors”. Business Operations at Lawline is always looking for ways to help employees grow, from planning company lunches and retreats to implementing the company wide book club and rewarding examples of core value embodiment. The Business Operations team is constantly helping employees enhance skills and knowledge to ensure that we’re always better than we were before. 


The Development team are the website architects and the stewards of technology . The “Dev team” focuses on ensuring and are running efficiently and effectively, while providing a seamless experience for customers. With experience in PHP, Java, Angler, Laravel and a variety of other development tools and suites, our team takes the initiative to solve technological challenges with a sense of urgency that is in the best interests of our customers and our company.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience team is not robotic, we do not use scripts, and we do not send issues through multiple service levels. We care deeply about our customers, and work tirelessly to resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible. Building relationships and truly listening to the needs of customers is essential to the success of the Customer Experience team. Our team is committed to providing the best experience for our customers and helping to ensure that Lawline is the obvious choice for completing Continuing Education.


Accreditation is an essential component of Lawline and unique to the world of continuing education. Our Accreditation team specializes in announcing, processing and reporting the completion of all our continuing education programs. Operating with an extreme attention to detail, the Accreditation team communicates with state accrediting bodies across the nation to provide a variety of options for customers to meet their mandatory continuing education requirements.


Our Sales team specializes in our B2B inbound and outbound sales for the company through our Law Firm and Enterprise deals. All members of the Department excel at building and maintaining relationships with our clients which is essential for growing our business at Lawline.