Discover what makes Lawline a unique place to grow and thrive directly from our team members! Read the anonymous quotes below from our employees which offers candid insights into our culture, values, and the experiences that shape our journey together. These reflections are a window into life at Lawline for those considering joining our dynamic team. 
  • "Lawline has such a mind-blowing culture that radiates so much love!" - Web Developer
  • "Lawline allowed me to heal from a toxic work environment. I have never worked for a company with as good of a culture. Choosing Lawline meant that I was moving towards something great!" - Program Attorney
  • "Lawliners are encouraged to put physical and mental health first, which will lead to better work product. Its people are 1st priority for Lawline. Very pleasant place to work. Trusted and expected to work independently." - Program Manager

  • "Never one day felt like I was going to work" - Web Developer
  • "Best onboarding program of anyplace he has worked" - Program Attorney

  • "The interview process was truly seamless and quick. From the first interview to the official offer was about a 2.5 week time frame. They were very transparent with their communication about the position and whether I would be a fit for the position. Their transparency alleviated a lot of the nervousness of the process because I always knew where I stood and what was to be expected from each step." - Attorney Compliance Coordinator
  • "I am about a month old here and have to say this month has been the best and most rewarding experience I’ve ever had in a job." - Applications & Approvals Coordinator

Meet our Functions! 


The Lawline Leadership team is focused on leading strategic priorities and execution in alignment with our mission to empower the legal profession. We are dedicated to creating an environment for our stakeholders - employees, subscribers, faculty - to grow throughout their careers.

Learning Solutions

Our Programs team is dedicated to monitoring the pulse of the legal industry and to ensuring that attorneys have access to timely, innovative, and comprehensive educational material so that they are well-equipped to seek justice for their clients. The Programs team works closely with each department, creating content that takes into account legal trends and developments in the law, customer requests and feedback, and the states’ accreditation requirements. The Program Attorneys source distinguished faculty from the top law firms and public interest organizations in the nation to create first-class programming that benefits every attorney, from solo practitioners to partners at large multinational firms, throughout each stage of their legal careers.


Our talented team of producers wear many hats. They’re able to conceptualize and create a wide array of content. They work to maintain consistency in the product experience for both users and faculty.  Over the course of a week our producers may film up to 30 programs. They connect directly with faculty to facilitate the best setup of their equipment for maintaining the quality content our customers have come to expect. They grow our on-demand catalog by ensuring an efficient and timely post production process while always prioritizing and elevating the quality of our content. Our producers work diligently to carry out interdepartmental initiatives, faculty media requests and various creative content projects while still maintaining the daily live and offline filming schedules. Production’s role directly influences the core product of the company and is crucial. The Production department represents a dynamic and versatile group, and welcomes individuals who possess strong interactive and production skills along with a creative and opportunistic mind.


The Marketing team are the ambassadors of our brand and the voice of our product. They amplify our company mission by utilizing a blend of creativity and analytical prowess, coupled with an unwavering commitment to our customers. They are idea generators armed with imagination who plan, study, organize, and implement all of Lawline’s email, social, Influencer, SEO, partnership and content marketing.

Business Operations 

The Business Operations department is made up of our amazing Human Resources, Operations, and finance team members. Together, they help Lawline meet its goals and priorities by recruiting “A” players, helping them grow through professional development and coaching opportunities and providing them with the best benefits to support their well being, mental health and work life balance.  Additionally, this department provides full support for our distributed workforce to be able to work in the most seamless and efficient way and be connected to other team members through remote and in person team events and programming. The Finance Team includes our incredible bookkeeping and accounting team members. This function manages and optimizes financial processes to support Lawline’s revenue and net profit growth. This department handles all accounts payable and accounts receivable, leads annual financial modeling and forecasting, oversees monthly closeout of financial statements, and ensures all year end financials and tax documents are prepared and submitted. Finally, the “Biz Ops” team as they are affectionately called by Lawliners, works tirelessly to ensure Lawline has a culture of diversity and inclusion, and that all employees embody the company core values of Care, Act, Experiment, Grow and Play.


A team of curious individuals with a wide range of knowledge in frontend, backend and mobile app development with a deep understanding of the legal education tech space. We strive to challenge ourselves everyday to create the best user-centric products to facilitate hundreds of thousands of attorneys worldwide to take charge of their professional growth. We are strong believers of agile development methodology to act fast and adapt to change if needed with a huge sense of ownership and always hold each other accountable with respect.  We also give ourselves the spaces where we can all learn and continue to innovate while having fun in the process.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience team is not robotic, we do not use scripts, and we do not send issues through multiple service levels. We care deeply about our customers, and work tirelessly to resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible. Building relationships and truly listening to the needs of customers is essential to the success of the Customer Experience team. Our team is committed to providing the best experience for our customers and helping to ensure that Lawline is the obvious choice for completing Continuing Education.


Accreditation is an essential component of Lawline and unique to the world of continuing education. Our Accreditation team specializes in announcing, processing and reporting the completion of all our continuing education programs. Operating with an extreme attention to detail, the Accreditation team communicates with state accrediting bodies across the nation to provide a variety of options for customers to meet their mandatory continuing education requirements.

Reasonable Accommodation Requests: 

Lawline is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible workplace. We recognize the importance of providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities and we strive to ensure that all of our employees have equal access to opportunities for growth and success.

If you are an individual with a disability and require accommodations to participate in the application process, please let us know. We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations such as assistance with completing application materials/assignments, scheduling interviews, and other necessary accommodations.

Additionally, if you are an employee with a disability and require accommodations to perform your job functions, we encourage you to reach out to Human Resources to discuss accommodations that may be available to you.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Lawline is passionate about creating a culture of diversity and inclusion where all forms of diversity are seen as real value for the company within the legal community as well as within our own company. Our strategy is to continue to diversify Lawline and ensure that employees from all backgrounds are successful. We believe that diverse backgrounds provide unique perspectives, resulting in innovation and excellence. We are committed to creating a safe space for all employees and identifying and recruiting candidates from underrepresented groups to teach with us and team members to work with us.